Frequently Asked Question FAQs

. How are the tents?

. We at Revdanda Beach Camping are proud of our services. We do not compromise on the services we promise to provide you. You will be provided with clean Alpine adventure tents with mattress and blanket.

. Can 4 people share a Tent?

. Yes!! Our tents can accommodate 2, 3 and up to 4 people. You need to convey the same while booking.

. How is the network there?

. Network in here is a bit poor. But why do you need a network when you are here with your loved ones? Enjoy your weekend away from all the stress. Have some me-time away from the phone.

. How is the parking facility?

. We have large open ground just beside the campground.

. How is the road to campsite?

. Last 1 Km is off road but all vehicles easily reach to the campsite.

. Is it a couple friendly?

. Oh yes!!! We welcome all the love birds out there. We don’t have restrictions of any sorts.

. Is there going to be a common campfire?

. You will be provided with individual campfires depending on the group size.

. How far is the beach?

. Premium Beach camping is a beachfront camping at alibaug beach. You have access to the entire beach at any point of time.

. Is it safe for women and children for alibaug beach camping at revdanda beach?

. Yes, alibaug beach camping, revdanda beach is for all. We make sure the women and children’s safety is our priority.

. Are there going to be washrooms in the Camp?

. Yes! Hygiene is something we are very particular about. We provide 7 common clean toilets and 2 hand showers.

. Is there going to be a DJ at night?

. Yes! Lovely music by the beach is mandatory. We have our Mini DJ music system that will be there until midnight. So dance all you want and dance like no one is watching you. We make sure to make your night camping at Revdanda Beach a memorable experience.

. What sort of food do we get at camp?

. We provide lip-smacking un-limited dinner for both Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians. We have our staffs that bring locally available vegetables and work their magic in the kitchen to provide you with an unforgettable meal. You will also be provided with a hot breakfast and Tea.

. Is the Barbeque unlimited?

. We provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian Barbeque enough but limited as dinner will be unlimited.

. Is Hukkah allowed for night camping in Alibaug?

. No! Hukkah is prohibited at the campsite as per the Government rule.

. What do we need to confirm online booking?

. Sometimes, when you make an online booking, there might be a technical issue where the booking detail may not reflect in our system. So whenever you are intending to make an online booking, once you are done with the booking, we advise you to call us and confirm your booking. If you are unable to reach us, kindly leave a text message, through which we will get in touch with you.

. Are there any special charges for alibaug beach camping on 31st December?

. Yeah, Alibaug beach camping new year booking cost is higher compared to alibaug camping weekend price. Afterall, it’s a yearend with high rush.

. What is the special arrangements for alibaug new year camping?

. For the Alibaug camping new year, We arrange Live Band additional to the DJ night. Dj nights hours are extended till midnight. At 12 o’clock, there will be fireworks display.

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