Alibaug Camping Packages

Alibaug Package Sometimes all you need is a warm bonfire and soft roaring waves crashing on the beach while you fall asleep closer to nature. And sometimes all you need is a Alibaug Camping Packages .

Yes, you heard us right! Camping isn’t always done into the jungle or in the mountains or grasslands; it doesn’t always involve you into encountering a wild animal. beach camping revdanda camping can be as exhilarating as any other camping, but the amount of fun and the memories you make when you camp on the Alibaug beach is altogether a different experience.

alibaug beach camping

Alibaug Packages

Revdanda tent camping Location – Revedanda beach 

17 KM from Alibaug City 

35 Km from Mandwa Jetty

INR 1200 /- Per Person

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Alibaug beach camping package details


Alibaug beach camping package details
alibaug camping trip

2 min away from Beach

Alibaug beach camping package details

Till 10 PM

Alibaug beach camping package details
Live Music

for 2 Hours


Revdanda, Alibaug.

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alibaug camping new year  Camping Packages Imagine driving to a colourful campsite on the beach with beautiful tents just 100 km from Mumbai. Our campsite is located at 17 km from Alibaug  at Revdanda beach.

This beautiful campsite is every weekender dream to spend a night at the beach, to lie down in a hammock and relax until the sun kissing the ocean as it sets into the horizon. Once the sun is set, you will see our staff setting up the bonfire for you.

We have a sound system with us which you can use to play some soft music or if you are in a mood to dance, the floor is all yours. Grab a friend or two and dance like no one is watching. Enjoy the barbeque serving as the evening becomes a lot more fun. And as the moon rises and is beaming over the ocean; the waves crashing on to the beach and wind singing its tune to put you to sleep.

tent house alibaug & Alibaug Camping Packages, if you want your evening to be a little extra special with your partner, you can always request for special lightings and decorations (with prior intimation and extra charges). There are special camping occasions such as New Year’s Day camping, Valentine’s Day camping, Holi special camping and movie screening camping too.

We at Revdanda Beach Camping promise you on providing the best of service and hospitality along with great amount of fun-filled camping experience making you want to get back to us again.

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